Help obtain safe rides to school for Catholic school children Problem

school-busCatholic Education in New Jersey is thriving in many ways, but state aid is not one of them. The often overlooked, but very expensive, concern of bus transportation for our students is now a hot button issue that threatens the very foundation of school availability. This is a major issue that must be address in Governor Christie’s upcoming budget.

Nonpublic school transportation continues to be hampered by a number of problems which emphasize the major difficulties that nonpublic school parents face in attempting to get safe rides to school for their children.  Many parents cannot continue to enroll their students in nonpublic schools without this increase.

  1. Currently, the state only funds school bus transportation for a maximum of $884 per student.
  2. Many bus companies and public school districts are unwilling / unable to transport students at the $884 rate.
  3. Ideally, the bus transportation rate should match cost of living increases, which has not happened since the 2007-2008 school year.

Click here for a Fact Sheet containing more information.

What can you do?

Ask Governor to increase funding for nonpublic school transportation in his upcoming Fiscal Year Budget. If your family has been affected by this problem, or you know of families who have, tell the Governor the details. Even if the bussing problem does not apply to you, but you believe in Catholic education, please contact Governor Christie.

How can you contact Governor Christie?

The New Jersey State Council of the Knights of Columbus supports the New Jersey Catholic Conference‘s efforts to get state aid for school bus transportation increased in the next budget.

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