Family of the Month Submission

The structure of the family is built on strength, faith and love. Strength comes from a bond of togetherness, experience and respect for one another. Families build a strong foundation of faith as they pray, attend Mass and spend time together.

With this in mind, the Knights of Columbus wants to highlight those family’s that have done the following or more (needs not be the family of a brother Knight):

  • Has the family made significant contributions to the Church, community and/or council?
  • Does the family enjoy one another?
  • Does the family share experiences?
  • Does the family communicate openly and honestly?
  • Does the family pray and attend Mass together?
  • Does the family spend its time together interacting instead of in front of the television?

If you know of such a family that  should be considered for this honor, please fill out the form below.

Prior recipients of this award include:

August 2013: Eaise Family
September 2013: Walsh Family
October 2013: De Sant Family (NJ State Family of the Month)
November 2013: Welsh Family (Supreme Council Family of the Month)
December 2013: Seddon Family
January 2014: Acosta Family
February 2014: Cullen Family (NJ State Family of the Month)

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