Past Grand Knights

Years                 Grand Knight

2015-18             James Cosgrove

2013-15             Raymond lacovone

2006-08             Robert J. Myers

2003-07             Robert F. Mc Leer

2000-03             Geno A. Corradetti

1997-00             Gregory S. Mc Leer

1994-97             Daniel J. Corradetti

1991-94             Mark Bresani

1989-91             Francis J. Przelomiec

1985-89             Arthur N. West

1982-85             David S. Kalapus

1981-82             John J. Mc Elroy Sr.

1979-81             Michael G. Donahue

1978-79             Floyd H. Bidinger

1977-78             Geno A, Corradetti

1975-77             Peter X. Alexander

1974-75             Joseph W. Kelly

1972-74             George J. Seeley

1970-72             John F. Driscoll

1969-70             Eugene L. Mc Leer

1967-69             John C. Ramos

1965-67             Louis G. Hannum

1964-65             Charles J. Wynne

1962-64             Eugene L. Mc Leer

1960-62             Joseph P. Mitchell

1958-60             Frank G. Maxwell

1957-58             S. A. Gambino

1955-57             J. G. Bullock

1953-55             D. L. Daly

1951-53             J. J. Costello


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